Everything About Quinceanera Gifts - High Heel Shoes

High Heel Shoes

High heel shoes are one of the most significant symbols of the quinceanera. Although I'm not sure how true it is nowadays, traditionally, a Latina was not allowed to wear high heel shoes until her XV años.

The quinceanera begins her ceremony in flat heels, symbolic of her childhood. Usually during the reception, her father will kneel at her feet as she sits in a special chair. He will remove the low heeled shoes of her childhood and replace them with her first high heeled shoes.

Then the two will dance a father-daughter dance before the quinceanera dances with her court and then the guests. I love the symbolism of this tradition and am so glad that it continues to be a significant part of the event.

Traditional gifts such as high heel shoes need not be extravagant. There is no need to spend more than your quinceanera budget allows. Bargains are plentiful, especially online where there is lower overheard.


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